FAIRDIP GROUP focuses on finding investment opportunities in which it is able to fulfill its basic business philosophy, which amounts to balance between the level of risk and potential yield of every single investment.

When selecting investment opportunities, close collaboration with leading experts in financial services, credit risk management and receivables management, giving us the analytical tools which we can use to predict return on investments with a great degree of accuracy. The quality of such purchased portfolios significantly contributes to growth of the aforementioned companies and makes us a major partner of financial houses on global markets.

Our Group operates on European markets (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Cyprus, Ukraine and Russia) and also on Asian markets (Kazakhstan, India, China, Indonesia, Singapore and Philippines). Thanks to our experienced team of analysts and traders, we are successfully specializing in the steadily growing financial and receivables markets, where most financial institutions (banks, credit companies, mobile operators, insurance companies, energy suppliers, etc.) are dealing with their volumes.


Our methodology is to work as a trusted partner by responsibly providing investment opportunities to our clients that enables growth and progress. We believe in specialization instead of splitting up our skills and intelligence over various opportunities. We have many years of experience in helping our clients in meeting the biggest and most difficult challenges and providing them with the greatest opportunities.
We are the holding company, composed of the highly experienced member companies in E-Commerce, Lending and Financial sector, SME Loans, Consumer Credit solutions, Antifraud solutions, IT solutions, Investment and Financial services.
We work with companies to optimize their daily operations. By investing in the small, medium and large companies at a reasonable interest rate, we help them in growing and creating employment and real economic values in the environment.


Our mission is to improve the investment opportunities for millions of consumers, small businesses and many prominent corporates, institutional and government clients and able to balance the level of risk and potential yield of every single investment.
     Our vision is row with our clients and become the world class international investment institution serving millions of clients.

Our client interests always come first.
Our assets are our people, capital and reputation.
Our priority is to provide superior returns to our investors.
Focus on teamwork rather than sigle individual.
In this rapidly changing world, we strive to achieve the constantly changing needs of the clients.
The group is highly competitive and we are constantly focused on expanding and diversifying our relationship with clients.


FAIRDIP GROUP is placed in the Asian as well as the European markets. We have a positive impact on the local markets of Europe and Asia by providing loans, consumer credit and other financial products with absolutely clear and transparent terms and conditions towards clients and investors alike. We have improved the life of many people by rendering them the financial assistance in the way of easy credit and micro loans with sensible interest rates.
By investing into purchases of receivables from banking and non-banking institutions, we have enhanced their productivity and thus, led to growth of these institutions as well as the surrounded community.