Dear Partners in Business,

The establishment of FAIRDIP GROUP was driven by our ambition to maintain the growth trajectory of our commercial activities. Although we already have considerable experience and know-how and the companies in the group have not yet exhausted their growth potential, we are nonetheless aware that we need finances to continue our development. This is precisely the task with which FAIRDIP GROUP has been charged: to find investment capital for the group.

We at FAIRDIP GROUP are solely engaged in investment opportunities for which we can guarantee our partners and investors a sensible level of risk, but attractive appreciation in the value of investment. Words such as “gamble” or “one-hundred-fold” are alien to us; we are conservative and focus only on those areas which we understand. We primarily invest in the activities of related companies or in companies that we directly control. We work in areas that we understand and on markets that we know.

We concentrate absolutely on ensuring long-term sustainability of our activities and believe that cooperating with us will be attractive for you in terms of profits and because of the fact that you can expect openness and decency in your relations with us and the FAIRDIP GROUP as a whole.

We look forward to working with you.

Luboš Žovinec, Joint Founder
Viktor Dokučajev, Joint Founder